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Innovative Pool Products has been involved in the Swimming Pool Industry Since 1990. We manufacture several different levels of Swimming Pool Control and Automation. In 2007 we transformed our business model into primarily an Original Equipment Manufacturer, private labeling controls for various manufacturers in the swimming pool industry as well and outdoor lighting automation products. In 2011 we branched into Automation Systems for environmental controls and Greenhouse Control Systems.

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The Solution to GFCI Breakers Supply Chain Disruption

Until now there has been only one brand of GCFI with the reliability needed for critical swimming pool circulation systems. These GFCI Breakers are in very short supply. As the global supply chain of these GFCI breakers tightened, we have seen large price increases as well as a decrease in reliability.

At the end of 2020 we began a project to design a new GFCI that would have even greater reliability than we have come to expect as well as be available and cost effective.

Introducing the GFX-220


The GFX-220 is a new type of 20 amp 240 volt feed through Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) specifically designed to withstand the high frequency noise and spikes caused by Variable Speed Pumps, LED lighting and transformers. The GFX-220 functions very well with all brands of Variable Speed Pumps and other swimming pool equipment.

The GFX-220 is not a circuit breaker, but a feed through Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. A properly sized 15 or 20 amp 2 pole circuit breaker is needed to supply power to the GFX-220. Since it is not a circuit breaker you may use any brand of 2 pole circuit breaker to feed the GFX-220 .This allows the use of branch circuits at the pool equipment or the use of the GFX-220 on projects that do not have a load center at the equipment location. Because you can now use ½ size or Quad style circuit breakers you may use smaller load centers for multi pump projects allowing for even greater savings.

Notes to the Electrician

Important: The GFX-220 does not include a neutral conductor connection. You cannot use the GFX-220 to protect any 120v devices. If you have 120 volt equipment that needs to be on the 240 volt circuit you must attach a separate 120 volt GFCI to the line side of the GFX-220. Usually the manufacturers of Chlorinators , Ozone Generators and U.V. Purifiers have the ability to run on 240 volts.

The GFX-220 uses Weather Resistant internal components. The GFX-220 must be mounted in a NEMA 3R weatherproof enclosure when used in wet locations. There is not a receptacle on the GFX-220 so a Weatherproof While in Use cover is not needed, a standard weatherproof cover is sufficient.

Please use the manufacturers’ instructions on sealing hubs and conduit entries into the weatherproof enclosure. Most weatherproof boxes are listed as weatherproof when the hubs are sealed with silicone. This is a good practice and will help to keep water out of the box.

Many panel manufacturers have a location inside their enclosures that is suitable for the GFX-220. In these cases there is no need for an additional weatherproof box and cover.

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